directed by
Ibraem hisham melhem
Drama - suspense
23min | 45sec


Salma begins her attempt to cross into her country illegally. On her journey, she encounters many obstacles to self-conflict in order to make a fateful decision between rescuing passer-by or continuing her journey and transporting her brother’s body

Do you think «that dreaming» is normal? Our dreams have become dead, yet we continue to pursue them, forced or accustomed, we must do so. Is this habit or is this the natural way towards achieving our dreams? May safety accompany you is a commonly agreed phrase to be present at any crossing point as a wish for an comfortable way and a pleasant journey as you leave any country. This sign has been present since ancient times to this day in our Arab countries. After that, we enter a border area that is not subject to any country, with its own laws, customs, and traditions. Salma decides to cross this border illegally due to the proximity of the two countries, bringing her brother's body on a journey that imposes new rules for survival. My first experience in this film was a very enriching experience. I learned a lot about what magic is and how it is made in the world of cinema. I was fortunate to work with real partners who put in a lot of effort to make this film a success. Thank you for this experience thank you, Salma!.»

Ibrahem Hesham Melhem
Film Director

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